Irene Di Lecce

I studied Biology at the University of Milano-Bicocca (2009-2013) and obtained my Master’s degree in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Milan in 2016. The aim of my MSc thesis project was to investigate the interrelations between migratory songbirds, ticks collected from them and Midichloria spp. bacteria harboured by these ectoparasites. To this end, I carried out fieldwork at the ringing station on Ventotene island (Italy).

In October 2017 I became a PhD student in the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab (Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw), under the supervision of Marta Szulkin and Joanna Sudyka. My PhD research will focus on variation of promiscuity of great and blue tits breeding in natural cavities in a primeval and urban forest, and in nest-boxes set in a gradient of urbanisation in the city of Warsaw.

Apart from biology, I especially like books and movies (the older the better!).


Watch this space!