Michał Adamowicz

I studied Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw (2013-2018). Both my Bachelor and Masters thesis were based on the Black Grouse Tetrao Tetrix. My Masters thesis was conducted in Biebrza National Park, and focused on seasonal changes in the environmental preferences of the species. The research can bring some much-needed knowledge to protect the species, which is rapidly declining in Poland as well as in the other parts of Central and Western Europe. Some results of my work can be also seen in the film titled “Pustać – Ostoja Cietrzewia”, which I made with my friend – film editor Filip Chudzyński during my research. I am still continuing the research project to complete a 2 year data base for a possible future publication. For the last 2 field seasons I worked as a field assistant for the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab, monitoring great tits and blue tits in the city of Warsaw. I now work for the lab as field & lab technician.

I spend my free time playing guitar and piano, and birdwatching. I also love climbing in Tatra Moutains and taking photos of wild nature.