The Smart Nestbox as a tool for video trapping and live streaming of cavity-dwelling animals

Dr Marketa Zarybnicka, Czech University of Life Sciences

Date: Wednesday, the 11th of April 2018 at 1PM, Cent Lecture Theatre 0142


Camera recording and video analysis have emerged as a successful non-invasive method for the collection of a wide range of biological data on many different taxa of animals. This method, however, has not yet fully exploited its potential and benefits. We have developed a camera system that makes it possible to collect unique information on wildlife ecology of cavity-dwelling animals and that allows the public to be involved in the application of the method. In particular, we have developed a camera system, consisting of a computer, cameras with infrared lighting, an event detector, a microphone, and auxiliary sensors, embedded in a wooden bird box, the so-called smart bird box. This smart bird box enables us to gather video, audio, and text data on everyday animal activities inside the box; it also allows remote data acquisition and data sharing using websites. This solution generates enormous amounts of high-quality biological and engineering data and has great potential to serve as a tool for researchers and Citizen Science projects.