Field assistants / Spring 2023

Do you like working with wildlife? We are looking for field assistants to work on the Warsaw Gradient of Urbanisation for the 2023 field season. We will be hiring 3-4 field assistants, ideally working full time to perform urban ecology fieldwork at the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw (Poland) for a period of 1-3 months in the timeframe of mid-April to mid-July 2023. More details available here.

Applications will be evaluated in real time, so don’t hesitate to apply ASAP!

We warmly welcome applications from biologists/biology students who arrived to Poland due to the war conflict in Ukraine.


PhD & Post-doctoral positions / 2022

A new OPUS grant from the Polish National Science Centre was awarded to Marta Szulkin. The 4 years long project will investigate the urban gut microbiome with experimental and comparative approaches. We will aim to quantify the impact of urbanisation on the gut microbiota of wild birds, and their hosts – great tits Parus majorPost-doctoral and PhD positions will be opened in the near future – please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the project!


Interested in urban biology? Below are a few talks describing projects the lab has been involved in:

  • An hour-long seminar presenting work carried out by the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab. [source: CNRS Montpellier Ecology & Evolution Seminars, France]
  • A 20 minutes talk on the urban gut microbiome. [source: World Microbiome Day, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark]
  • A 20 minutes talk on the genomics of urban evolution. [source: Genomic Social Hour, California Academy of Sciences, USA]

We currently do not have any open positions, but if you are working in the field of evolutionary ecology research or urban science research, and would be interested in discussing work opportunities in the lab, please contact marta.szulkin”at”cent.uw.edu.pl.

Research opportunities: In terms of Polish funding, the National Science Centre, the National Agency for Academic Exchange and the Foundation for Polish Science are key funding bodies relevant for the type of research carried out by our team.