Prof. Marta Szulkin – Principal Investigator

Zuzanna Jagiełło – PhD intern

Irene Di Lecce – PhD Student

Ignacy Stadnicki – PhD Student

Lena Fus – Masters Student

Recently Moved on!

Dr Michela Corsini – Postdoc currently on NAWA post-doctoral research fellowship at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, USA

Marion Chatelain – Polonez fellow in the lab, currently PI on Lise Meitner Fellowship, Trophic and Applied Ecology Lab, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria).

Joanna Sudyka – Postdoctoral researcher in the lab, currently PI on Sonata Grant at the Institute of Environmental Science, Jagiellonian University, Kraków.