Michela Corsini


I graduated from Bologna University in Italy with a BSc in livestock production and wildlife management in 2012. I received my Master’s degree in wildlife sciences and management at the University of Florence (2012-2014). During my Master’s degree, I completed an internship in Austria as Erasmus Student to work on my Master thesis entitled “Space use and visibility patterns of roe deer Capreolus capreolus in relation to human activities” (supervisor: Robin Sandfort) at the Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management (BOKU University, Vienna). After my Master’s degree, I worked as field assistant at the Institute of Ecology & Evolution, University of Bern (Switzerland, 2015): the field experiment I participated in, led by Dr Sylvain Losdat, aimed at quantifying the magnitude of phenotypic plasticity in sperm performance in a natural population of great tits Parus major.

As of March 2016, I am a PhD student in the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab (Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland), supervised by Marta Szulkin. My PhD research will focus on great tit evolutionary ecology set in a gradient of urbanisation in the city of Warsaw. My hobbies out of the lab are strictly correlated with my studies: nature photography, trekking and team sports are my favourite activities.


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