Warsaw Seminar Series in Ecology & Evolution

Together with Dr Magdalena Niedziałkowska from the Mammal Research Institute PAS Białowieża, the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab is organising a series of seminars in ecology and evolution. The seminars are held monthly and throughout the academic year. Everyone is welcome!

Date & Time
Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
October 11/10/2017 1PM Antica Culina Netherlands Institute of Ecology      (NIOO-KNAW) How can fast growing data-landscape help ecological and evolutionary synthesis?
November 08/11/2017 1PM Frank E. Zachos Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria The Species Concept
December 13/12/2017 1PM Bogumiła Jędrzejewska Mammal Research Institute Białowieża PAS Two centuries of dominant tree species turnover in the oldgrowth forests of Białowieża
January 10/01/2018 1PM Joanna Bagniewska  University of Reading, UK The bittersweet story of an invasive mammal
February 07/02/2018 1PM Marta Maziarz University of Wrocław The value of ornithological research in the Białowieża primeval forest
March 14/03/2018 1PM Piotr Tryjanowski Poznan University of Life Sciences Long-term changes in the quantity and quality of supplementary feeding of wildlife
April 11/04/2018 1PM Marketa Zarybnicka Czech University of Life Sciences The Smart Nestbox as a tool for video trapping and live streaming of cavity-dwelling animals
May 09/05/2018 1PM Joanna Sudyka CeNT  University of Warsaw Age-related trade-offs and telomere dynamics in passerines
June 13/06/2018 1PM Cleve Hicks Max Planck Institute Leipzig, Germany & Artes Liberales UW Specialized chimpanzee technology in Northern DR Congo

Location: Lecture theatre 0142, Centre of New Technologies, Banacha 2c, University of Warsaw. After entering CeNT, you will find  the lecture theatre 0142 ~10 meters to the right.

The seminar program for the past academic year is available here.