Trade-offs in life-against-all odds-history of Daphnia

Prof. Dr hab. Piotr Dawidowicz

Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland

Date: Thursday, 10.10.2018, 13:00, Cent Lecture Theatre 0142                                         How to get there: Lecture theatre 0142 is c. ~15 meters to the right after entering CeNT


Daphnia, the magnificent model organism, is particularly suitable for studying physiological and microevolutionary trade-offs. In this lecture I will present experimental evidence, based on phenotypic variation among individual Daphnia, of trade-offs between reproduction and somatic growth, reproduction and survival, current reproduction and future reproduction, and others. I will also demonstrate, how expression of a reproductive trade-off may vary among populations of Daphnia subjected to different selection pressures.