Seminars 2017-2018

Warsaw Seminar Series in Ecology & Evolution

Together with Dr Magdalena Niedziałkowska from the Mammal Research Institute PAS Białowieża, the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab is organising a series of seminars in ecology and evolution. The seminars are held monthly and throughout the academic year. Everyone is welcome!

Below is an outline of speakers for this past academic year. Details about this forthcoming academic year will be available in September. See you in the fall!

Date & Time
Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
October 11/10/2017 1PM Antica Culina Netherlands Institute of Ecology      (NIOO-KNAW) How can fast growing data-landscape help ecological and evolutionary synthesis?
November 08/11/2017 1PM Frank E. Zachos Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria The Species Concept
December 13/12/2017 1PM Bogumiła Jędrzejewska Mammal Research Institute Białowieża PAS Two centuries of dominant tree species turnover in the oldgrowth forests of Białowieża
January 10/01/2018 1PM Joanna Bagniewska  University of Reading, UK The bittersweet story of an invasive mammal
February 07/02/2018 1PM Marta Maziarz University of Wrocław The value of ornithological research in the Białowieża primeval forest
March 14/03/2018 1PM Piotr Tryjanowski Poznan University of Life Sciences Long-term changes in the quantity and quality of supplementary feeding of wildlife
April 11/04/2018 1PM Marketa Zarybnicka Czech University of Life Sciences The Smart Nestbox as a tool for video trapping and live streaming of cavity-dwelling animals
May 09/05/2018 1PM Joanna Sudyka CeNT  University of Warsaw Age-related trade-offs and telomere dynamics in passerines
June 13/06/2018 1PM Cleve Hicks Max Planck Institute Leipzig, Germany & Artes Liberales UW Specialized chimpanzee technology in Northern DR Congo

Location: Lecture theatre 0142, Centre of New Technologies, Banacha 2c, University of Warsaw. After entering CeNT, you will find  the lecture theatre 0142 ~10 meters to the right.

The seminar program for the past academic year is available here.